Study Week 2014
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Breakout Session A
A-1: We Are People of the Word—Old and New
A-2: Historical Perspective on Ritual Change: What is Really New in Our Sunday Celebrations?
A-3: The Eucharistic Mystery We Celebrate
A-10: The Rite of Marriage: Preparation and Celebration of the Ritual of the Church

Breakout Session B

B-2: What did Vatican II REALLY say?

Breakout Session C

C-3: Liturgy and Spirituality in the African-American Community
C-4: Art in the Worship Environment
C-5: The Future is Now! How to Engage Young People in Your Parish
C-8: Chanting the Psalms for Everyday People

C-9: The Filipino Worshiping Community: Its Culture and Traditions
C-10: The Assembly's Voice: Sacred Music in Liturgy

Breakout Session D

D-1: The Care and Nurturing of the Liturgical Minister
D-5: Blessing or Challenge: The Call of the Parish Liturgy Committee

D-6: Song and Story for Healing and Hope
D-8: Living the Eucharist: A Sacramental Encounter With Christ

D-10: Re-proposing Sunday's Gospel for a Culture of Witness

Breakout Session E

E-1: A Layperson's Guide to the New Missal: What is all the fuss about?
E-4: But I'm Not a Liturgist: Preparing Sacramental Liturgies
E-6: The Ministry of Hospitality: Who Is My Neighbor?

E-7: Silence and Solitude
E-8: Song and Story for Healing and Hope

E-9: Deacon Wives: Companions in Marriage and Coworkers in Ministry

Breakout Session F

F-6: Stewarding our Ministries: It’s Not Just About Money

Breakout Session G
G-4: La Formación Musical de la Asamblea: Mejorando el Cantar del Pueblo
G-5: La Gracia de Dios en el Matrimonio y la Familia

Breakout Session H
H-10: The Eucharist--Key to Effective Parish Evangelization