State of Creativity Forum 2013


Tuesday, November 19

9:22-9:25 a.m.

Why You Should Encourage Creativity Outside of Work
Dan Maloney, CEO & Co-founder, Tailwind

Companies cut off creativity too often without realizing it. Let's explore why it's so important to avoid that at all costs.
Dan Maloney

9:55-10:10 a.m.

Creating, Inventing, and Startups
Taylor Wilson, Applied Nuclear Physicist

From the TED 2013 stage to ours, Taylor Wilson shares his vision for new global energy solutions. Although Taylor is now five years older, at age 14 was the youngest person to have ever produced nuclear fusion. He is also a 2012 Thiel Fellowship recipient, requiring him to not attend college for two years while working on his entrepreneurial ideas.

Taylor Wilson

11:45-11:50 a.m.

Creativity in Higher Education–an Oxymoron?
Brigitte Steinheider, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma

Higher education often does not prepare students to be creative or work in teams. Organizations, however, need creative employees working together to implement innovations to stay competitive. In this talk, I will show how creativity in graduate education can enhance the learning process, engage students, and improve their teamwork skills, and how these experiences transfer to their workplace.
Brigitte Steinheider

4:45-4:48 p.m.

Snapshot: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Niki Ciccotelli Stewart, Director of Education and Exhibitions, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Two years ago, a new museum opened in Bentonville, Arkansas, based on the belief that great art is for everyone and learning is a lifelong endeavor. To date, more than one million guests have already discovered Crystal Bridges’ art and library collections, innovative architecture, and winding trails. Join us to learn more about the Museum and its’ unwavering commitment to learning and engagement.

Niki Ciccotelli Stewart