State of Creativity Forum 2013

a pre–Forum offering

Monday, November 18, 2013
Civic Center Music Hall • Oklahoma City


Creativity School (cSchool) has curricular offerings for in-depth learning about how to implement creativity and innovation in your environment.  The sessions are taught by a cadre of Oklahoma-based academicians and practitioners in creativity and innovation offering research-based training to Oklahoma businesses,educational institutions, and communities.  cSchool also provides offerings by some of the foremost national creativity experts.

This year’s pre-Forum offering consists of two half-day workshops focused on mobilizing “Creativity in Communities.” Attendees will have the option of taking both half-day sessions with lunch or each half-day session individually.

Morning Session • 9am–Noon

Mobilizing Creative Communities

Innovation involves creative communities of people with a common goal.  Creative communities mobilize everyone’s creativity via problem solving strategies that promote the implementation of an innovation.  This half–day session will focus on guiding community groups through the identification of their creative strengths and channeling those strengths into a problem solving process that results in innovative action plans that address their goals.

Lunch Noon1pm

Afternoon Session (option 1) • 1–4pm

The Poetics of Work
An Imaginative Storm Creativity Salon

The Poetics of Work is a dynamic creativity salon that cultivates participation through its emphasis on creativity, imagination, feedback, and form. The Poetics of Work is built on four navigational principles: 1) Narrative: Discover the wholehearted stories of your work; 2) Authentic Authority: Grow your creative confidence; 3) Voice: Speak through your work and your craft; 4) Expansion: Offer your work to the world.

The Poetics of Work ignites imaginative thinking; transforms creative impulses into form and produces surprising perspectives. It’s fun to learn,  exciting to use, and easy to teach.
James Nave

James Navé

Afternoon Session (option 2) • 1–4pm

Game-Changers 911™How to Change the Game in Your World

Do you want to “change the game” in your business?

Innovators and disruptors are never content with slow, incremental growth. They thrive on shaking things up and re-writing (or ignoring) the rules.  

They recognize the horrible feeling of being stuck, wrestling with the same stubborn problems, and watching their competitors create the future.

If you want to capitalize on your corporate creativity, this workshop is for you.

What You Get:

•  New Game-Changing perspectives, options and ideas
•  Case studies, tools, techniques, and strategic stories
•  Insight into your innovation drivers
•  Over 50 ways to change your game
•  911 Game-Changers™ Action Plan

John Storm
John Storm