State of Creativity Forum 2013


Tuesday, November 19


Creative Leadership or Management?
Derek Brown, Managing Director, Actorshop Ltd

Innovation, creativity and imagination raise people above machines to make businesses exciting, dynamic and successful. For a company to nurture a culture receptive to innovation, creativity needs to be at the core of its values and creative approaches during staff development are essential to signal the intent of the company and to model a practical application of those values. Experience a practical session with Actorshop exploring the difference between creative leadership and management and judge for yourself.
Derek Brown

Tapping the Creative Potential of the New Majority
Dennis Cheek, Executive Director, National Creativity Network
Jamai Blivin, CEO, Innovate + Educate
Eric Cooper, President & Founder, National Urban Alliance
Lona Barrick, Administrator, Division of Arts and Humanities, The Chickasaw Nation

A Conversation about Birth through the First Job and Beyond for African American, Latino, and Native American Children and Youth According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2013 or 2014, America’s racial and ethnic minorities will make up more than half of the under-5 age group and by 2018, this will be true for all children under 18. Eleven percent of America’s current 3,143 counties are majority-minority. Similar trends are observed in Canada and elsewhere. How can this tremendous human potential be tapped in ways that increase individual, family, community, and societal flourishing? What barriers need to be overcome, what is working, and how can we accelerate positive change?
Dennis Cheek

Jamai Blivin

Eric Cooper

Lona Barrick

How 50,000+ Creativity Cans™ are Sparking a Creativity Comeback
Phyllis Brody, Co-Founder, Creativity for Kids
Heather Lambert-Shemo, Brand Manager of Children’s Brands, Faber-Castell USA

Learn about how one little cardboard can filled with simple materials encouraged over 50,000 kids to imagine, create and share. Responding to news about the decline in children’s creativity scores, Faber-Castell’s Creativity for Kids® decided to do something about it and launched a creativity comeback by distributing over 50,000 Creativity Cans free of charge. Hear about the national movement and the initial results. Discuss how this can be a springboard for creativity at all ages and explore your own creativity in this hands-on workshop.
Phyllis Brody

Heather Lambert-Shemo

Networks of Creativity
Dr. Rex Jung, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, University of New Mexico

Neuroscience techniques are revealing fascinating truths about the ways in which the brain produces creative things in the world. Rather than the "folk psychologies" we have learned, including the "mad genius", the "right hemisphere" locus of creativity, and even "drug induced" creativity, we are entering into a "sober" conversation about the complex nature of creativity from a scientific perspective. The results may surprise you, as they harken back to some of these old myths, while revealing deeper truths.
Rex Jung

Everyday Play: Why Creativity & Play are Essential for Living a Healthy Life
Dr. Ben Michaelis, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Michaelis will work with participants to consider the need for everyday play as a way of being present and mentally healthy. He will encourage participants to play with ideas and to discover their unique ways of playing in order to develop a habit of creative self-expression.
Ben Michaelis