Civic Center Music Hall and nearby Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Select one of 19 different educational sessions or intimate conversation groups with experts in imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Workshop sessions to be held at the Civic Center Music Hall and nearby Oklahoma City Museum of Art.  Suite Conversations to be held at the Civic Center.

March 31, 2015

1. The Wonder Wall -- How to Make the Extraordinary Happen in An Age of Complexity
Location: Civic Center - Freede Little Theatre
Time: 2:55

In this session Peter uses storytelling, humorous anecdotes and elements of his own leadership journey to describe how to foster a culture of creativity throughout your organization.
This presentation is guided by questions, such as: why are some individuals considered creative and others not? how do we define creativity? what does a creative individual look like? what does a creative organization look like? how can we incorporate creativity into positions that are traditionally considered routine?

In the second part of this presentation, Jennifer Offord and Chris Hiltz will describe an initiative led by four teachers in an intermediate school called Genius Hour. Through this remarkable initiative, students chose topics of interest that reflected an area of passion, and were provided with class time to individually explore their learning in creative and innovative ways. Sharing opportunities that followed included diverse and remarkable work, such as movie trailers, science explorations, dance performances, physical education activities, artistic endeavors, computer gaming, and stand-up comedy!
Personalized learning in action!

2. One Small Step, One Huge Leap – Creativity in Northern Ireland
Location: Civic Center - Black Box Theatre
Time: 2:55
Martin Melarkey & Jenny Elliott
25 years ago, a group of young unemployed musicians established a center for youth culture in Derry, Northern Ireland’s second city. The Nerve Centre began as a place of refuge for Derry’s young people from the armed conflict happening on the streets, a creative space for those on the margins of official culture. A generation later, the Nerve Centre is the strategic driver of a new culture of learning that is being warmly embraced by the Northern Ireland education sector. In a society still emerging from conflict, the digital revolution has begun in earnest.

About the same time, Sacha Abercorn founded the Pushkin Trust, an initiative advancing creativity and environmental experiential learning with children and teachers in Northern Ireland and the Republic. The program has seen much success throughout Ireland and has been instrumental in healing and breaking down barriers between cultures. Jenny Elliott, CEO of ArtsCare and Pushkin trainer, will share about the Pushkin model of transformation with Founder and Nerve Centre director, Martin Melarkey, also sharing insights gained on this journey.

3. Creative Solutions and Partnerships in Rwanda
Location: Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Classroom C
Time: 2:55
Silas Lwakabamba and Yves Iradunkunda
How do you take a country with literally nothing functioning and very few natural resources to become one of the most rapidly advancing economies and cultures in the world? One of the most vital keys to such progress is innovation, and close behind is the cultivation of productive partnerships with governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, and people of goodwill from around the world. This breakout session will focus on how innovation and international partnerships have helped Rwanda show the way for the rest of Sub-Sahara Africa, and how others might become involved in this exciting journey. The session will highlight the vibrant and growing relationship between the people of the Republic of Rwanda and the people of the State of Oklahoma, with particular emphasis on the innovations that are becoming important drivers in the growth and resilience of these two similar, yet disparate regions from across the world.

4. Intelligent Failure: How to Use Failure in your Creative and Personal Endeavors
Location: Civic Center - Hall of Mirrors
Time: 2:55

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Ben Michaelis will be speaking about how failure is indispensable to both creative expression and personal growth.

5. Inventing Tomorrow
Location: Civic Center - Gaylord Theatre
Time: 2:55

David Edwards will describe why learning to learn to discover has turned into a priority of our schools, companies and cultural institutions and what this might mean to the invention of a sustainable tomorrow.

6. Forty Years of Filmmaking
Location: Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Noble Theatre
Time: 2:55

From Carl Sagan's Cosmos and James Burke's Connections to his latest theatrical film A Year in Champagne, released nationally this month by the Samuel Goldwyn Company, David Kennard has created over 100 documentaries, including two produced for Creative Oklahoma. He has won national and international Emmys, and many other awards.

Kennard will show an extract from his latest Champagne film, and then discuss with the audience the secret to creativity in film-making: finding the heart of the story. This will be a lively session, with plenty of time for audience questions.

7. Designing Futures: Integrating Creativity Into All Teaching and Learning
Location: Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Classroom B
Time: 2:55
Patti & Dr. Rick Shade, Curiosita
Creativity is a dynamic that elevates student learning to passionate levels of productivity. The challenge facing us is how to integrate creativity in both practical and purposeful ways. This session demonstrates how creativity can be broken down into instructional tools and used as a framework for curricular design. This innovative approach does not require educators to “throw the baby out with the bathwater!” It provides simple, straightforward strategies – giving teachers permission to change the how (not the what) of classroom instruction. Practical techniques and templates will be shared (from Curiosita Teaching: Handbook of Instructional Strategies) including the Creativity Fan Teaching Model. You will leave this session with the knowledge of real tools and real strategies that can be used to integrate creativity into all teaching and learning!

8. Creating the Livable City
Location: Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Classroom A
Time: 2:55

Marco Bevolo will lead a seminar based on a new urban futures research book called "Create the Livable City" (London, 2014), with visionary insights that will transform our future view of cities during day and night. While urban lighting design is central to this new publication, this is also a book about our cities from spatial, social and cultural points of view. The book is the successor to the two previous city.people.light editions of 1996 and 2007, which reported on Philips’ global research programs. Since then, whole new lighting concepts have been created as next-generation urban lighting solutions. These concepts have inspired many more urban professionals to participate in the city.people.light program. In essence, city.people.light is a program that encourages cities and specifiers to think beyond industry and conventional boundaries in order to create innovative and exciting urban lighting solutions, which respond to the key trends in city living.

9. Inspiring a Generation to Create: Critical Components of Creativity in Children
Location: Civic Center - Disney Lounge (Vinita Cravens Lounge)
Time: 2:55
Helen Hadani & Elizabeth Rood
This interactive session brings to life just published research from the Center for Childhood Creativity, integrating more than 100 recent academic studies across neuroscience, psychology and education. The session will provide hands-on activities and illustrate practical recommendations for promoting seven key skills children need to reach their creative potential.

10. The Power of Creativity to Help Us Think Differently
Location: Civic Center - Joel Levine Rehearsal Hall
Time: 2:55
Erahm Christopher
An overview of Erahm’s creative journey and how a simple question "why?" launched an exploration of film, media and staged projects that inspire critical and creative thinking that aims to motivate positive action. The program features Erahm’s work creating stop motion animations with 4th graders, issue-focused student-shot films with high school students, teaching filmmaking workshops to youth, a collaborative project with trauma inflicted youth in violent urban neighborhoods in Philadelphia, and his current feature film, LISTEN.