Session IV

Thelma Gaylord Performing Arts Theater

March 31, 2015

Session IV:  “Ideas of Value Impacting Community”
Time: 4:00
The concluding keynote sessions highlight how creative ideas can take hold in all types of communities and become catalysts for economic regeneration and improvement of life quality for citizens.

The MASS MoCA Confluence: Contemporary Art, Commerce & Community Development
Time: 4:05

Thompson will describe how MASS MoCA --one of the nation’s largest and most active centers for contemporary art in all forms – has re-shaped North Adams, Massachusetts from a dying mill town, to a city with a future.  Since MASS MoCA’s 1999 opening, North Adams’  unemployment rate has dropped from seven times the state average, to near parity, while downtown storefront occupancy rates have risen from 25% to 75%.  This is a case study for creativity as catalyst for commercial and community re-development.

Transformations on the Oklahoma River
Time: 4:40

Mike will demonstrate how the redevelopment of the Oklahoma River has not only transformed a vast urban landscape, but also has transformed lives and perceptions.  The Oklahoma River is at the center of OKC’s outdoor and fitness culture infusion while also providing unexpected national and global recognition connected to a vibrant, urban US Olympic-designated waterfront.
Closing Session:  “All Our Futures:  Ideas That Matter”
Time: 5:00
Creativity, defined as the “generation of ideas that have value,” is the driver of our global economies and is the hope to new solutions to the most critical societal issues facing us all.
Sir Ken Robinson will facilitate a roundtable discussion with an international panel of experts who are leading creativity initiatives around the world.

Panelists include:
Pascal Cools
Flanders, Belgium
Sacha, the Duchess of Abercorn
Northern Ireland
Peter Gamwell
Ontario, Canada
Geurt Grosfeld
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Silas Lwakabama
Kigali, Rwanda
Serge Ibaka
OKC & The Congo
Deborah Wince Smith
Council on Competitiveness