Session III

Thelma Gaylord Performing Arts Theater

March 31, 2015

Session III:  “Why Creativity Matters to Business Today”
Time: 1:15
These early afternoon keynote and discussion sessions focus on what role imagination, creativity, and innovation have in the development of today’s workforce.

Building a Creation Nation to Answer the Innovation Imperative
Time: 1:25

Deborah Wince-Smith
We are in the midst of a deep transition in the world order of production, on the cusp of profound technological change, and the drivers of economic growth have radically transformed. Knowledge, information, and technology are accessible globally, and economic rewards go to the countries, companies, and people who know what to do with these building blocks once they get them. These shifts have created an innovation imperative and need to optimize society for innovation to maintain competitiveness and high standards of living. Countries must out-imagine and out-create, if they are to out-compete.

Creatives Wanted: Artists Need Not Apply
Time: 1:45

Jamie Gallagher
More than ever, organizations are seeking creative talent as a key to success. However, this “creative talent” may not be defined in the same traditional manner or for the same traditional roles which you might think.
The demand for “creatives” is expansive.
The supply of “creatives” is more scarce.
Jamie Gallagher presents this challenging development, yet exciting opportunity, across various industries today.

Bright Voice Dialogue
Time: 2:05

Pete Delaney
University students from around the US have met for two days prior to the Forum to meet with industry leaders and engage in creative problem solving sessions with Creative Oklahoma’s cSchool facilitators coming up with their most interesting ideas on solutions to our global energy and water crises. Pete Delaney, CEO of OGE, will serve as facilitator of the discussion group.