Aerospace Education and Industry Partnership Mentor Program
Thank you for considering the opportunity to be an aerospace mentor for our Aerospace Education and Industry Partnership.  This program started in 2008 and has been aligned with the annual Oklahoma Aerospace Summit and Expo for the last 3 years.  2011 will be our 4th year.  The purpose of AEIP is to encourage young Oklahomans to better understand the opportunities for a wonderful career in the aerospace industry.  The former Lt Gov Jari Askins once stated that the teachers were the key to this effort.  Therefore AEIP is aimed at bringing together Oklahoma STEM teachers from grades 3-12 and immersing them in all aspects of the Oklahoma Aerospace Industry.  The annual AEIP Day is focused on doing just that.  The attending teachers are designated as Aerospace Fellows.  One benefit provided for the Fellows is the availability of an aerospace industry mentor.  
We are recruiting volunteer industry mentors from the aerospace industry who want to have a positive impact on our youth, our educational system, and our industry’s future. You do not need to be scientist or engineer to add value to the classroom. Within your career in aerospace are experiences that can be shared with the students that provide insight that they would not otherwise be exposed to. You may be able to provide an aerospace application for some of the learning objectives the Fellows are teaching. Or, it may be as simple as getting in front of the students and let them quiz you about careers in aerospace.
Volunteer mentors should be available to support Fellows within a geographical area and will be “on-call” to support Fellows within that area.  The mentor and the requesting Fellows will work the details on how to best support the Fellow.  A list of mentors will be provided to the Fellows.  Mentors will serve as a mentor for one school year.  They can sign up for additional years during the annual AEIP Summit program.   If you are interested in being a mentor, please click here.
If you have questions, please contact Mark Tarpley.